Brettany Buetow

brettany buetow

Branch: Navy

Duty Station: Naval-Air-Station-N.-Island

Number of Deployments: 2

Number of PCS's: 2

About the nominee: My name is Brettany Buetow. I am a stay at home mother of four small children. We are raising our niece who is five years old as well as three biological children, a daughter who is five and two sons who are one and three years old. My husband and I have been married since 2010 and I have been a navy spouse for almost seven years. We are currently stationed in San Diego, CA. I am currently the Secretary for the USS Carl Vinson FRG for my third and final term. I love meeting new people and helping others navigate this wonderful military lifestyle.

Hobbies: I love to decorate cakes and cook for others. Cooking is my love language and how I show others I care and appreciate them.

Interesting Facts: I would love to go back to school and become a lactation consultant.

What is something you’ve learned from being a military spouse? Something that I have learned from being a military spouse is to always be flexible. Dates change, plans change, duty stations change... you have to be able to go with the flow, no matter the circumstances.

In your opinion, what is one of the most important issues facing military families? One of the most important issues facing military families is building healthy relationships with others. With moving around so often, I feel like people close themselves off and hesitate to get out there and start over again. Loneliness and depression start to take over and it begins to effect relationships inside of the home as well. Without healthy relationships, we can’t feel completely stable and that is essential for this lifestyle.

What is one of the best aspects of being in a military family? One of the best aspects of being in a military family is that you get the chance to become so diverse. You get to be around all sorts of people from different backgrounds and heritages. It’s something you don’t really get to experience when you spend all your time in the same place, surrounded by the same people.

What is one thing you want to accomplish with the Military Spouse of the Year title? I would like to be able to show other spouses that anything is possible when you just be yourself. That it doesn’t matter what your spouses rate or rank is, that if you just be yourself, you can make a difference in the lives of others and you can be recognized for that.

Reasons for nominating:

Brettany is a very selfless and giving woman. She is always willing to devote her time to others before herself. Her husband and children are her priority and she cares deeply about other military spouses and their families. She works hard volunteering for the FRG and does her best to encourage others with a strong drive and positive attitude. -- Samantha Harris, Friend

Brettany is a hardworking mother and wife. She gives her all every day to run the household smoothly and to care for four small children while her spouse has been gone the majority of the last 2.5 years. When she is not tending to the house and kids, she is volunteering her time as the secretary of the USS Carl Vinson FRG for her third term. She has put in countless hours of volunteer time to help ease the burden of underways and deployment for other Vinson families. Her love and care for fellow military families is immeasurable. She gives her all every single day without expecting anything in return. -- Joshua Buetow, Family