Lisa Emme

Branch: Navy

Duty Station: NAS-Lemoore

Number of Deployments: 5

Number of PCS's: 3

About the nominee: Hello, my name is Lisa Emme and I'm a passionate working Mom to Jake (6) and Isabel (4), loyal wife to Brian and dedicated military spouse leader of VFA-14 command. As the Director of State and Local Government at TEKsystems, a leading global IT staffing and services company, I absolutely love what I do and am grateful for this nomination. I've been with TEK for 13 years, and they've been with me through my entire Navy journey. I strongly believe in family, commitment, hard work, positive attitude, perseverance and relationships and everything I do ties back to these core values. My purpose is to inspire others as a leader, "pay it forward" as others have done for me, and know that as spouses we have the choice to follow our dreams and achieve our goals. Ultimately I believe in living an authentic life and having fun while doing it!

Hobbies: Spending quality time with my family-- hiking, camping, skiing, anything in the great outdoors!

Interesting Facts: I was a nanny for Jeff King, an Iditarod champion, and his family during the summer of 1994 in Healy, Alaska.

What is something you’ve learned from being a military spouse? As a military spouse, I've experienced many wonderful cultures through travel and living in different locations and because of that I've learned that we are more similar as human beings in this world than we are different. I've also learned that while your journey might be longer to get to where you're going due to the constant movement, the experiences and life lessons gifted along the way in that journey far exceed the destination.

In your opinion, what is one of the most important issues facing military families? One of the most important issues facing military families is separation and the often unnoticed sadness/depression that happens during this time. The higher rate of suicide in the military than civilian life is extremely important as well, and it's an emotional and uncomfortable topic that is gaining more awareness.

What is one of the best aspects of being in a military family? The best aspects are the pride of serving a greater mission beyond yourself, the opportunity to see and live in places all over the world, the bonds you form with friends along the way (and see again and again!) and the benefits short and long term to serving (healthcare, retirement, etc).

What is one thing you want to accomplish with the Military Spouse of the Year title? I'd like to bridge the gap between more companies having awareness around the spouse talent pool and the qualified spouses who are looking for more opportunities with their skills. Too often, I see very experienced and highly qualified spouses in their field struggling to start up "again" state to state through either challenges with recertifying, reapplying, re-engaging, etc. I'd like to find a way to help with retention and resources in supporting this cause-- which I believe would be a Win Win-- for spouses, their service members and the military overall.

Reasons for nominating:

She is a fantastic person, excellent co-worker, and of course a great spouse and military supporter. -- Shannon McAdoo, Colleague

Full time Director at a big company where she seeks to impact people positively and teach other military spouses, like myself, that there can be careers in the midst of moves. Handles deployments while being a mom and director with positivity and joy!! -- Caroline Sullivan, Colleague

I am nominating Lisa C Emme as military spouse of the year because she is a highly supportive spouse, she has been an advocate of service members employment, and she has been responsible for the employment of fellow spouses and veterans in several states through her work. She is currently a director at our staffing and services company, TEKsystems, and she manages the staffing resources for state and local governments. In this role she has impacted the hiring of veterans and spouses and grown our state and local government business that has a higher veterans employment focus that our non government accounts. Moreover, during her time in Japan, Hawaii, and the Pacific Rim locations, she was on the board for TAPS programs as well as the Armed Forces Communication & Electronics Association (AFCEA). She also held resume workshops, interview prep discussions, and she would connect spouses and service members to companies seeking employees. This work was pro bono and she would help use her knowledge and experience in recruiting and hiring to advise fellow military families. This has always been a passion of Lisa and she has managed to be very successful at TEKsystems while giving several hours weekly to support veterans and spouses through the aforementioned efforts as well as todays efforts, and be an engaged and wonderful mother and spouse. I see the countless hours she gives others while always being a positive presence and not counting the hours spent in support of others and I continue to be in awe of her. Some other notes: She has moved in support her husband and the Navy from Virginia to Japan, Japan to Hawaii, and Hawaii to California. She supported TAPS and other programs for spouses and veterans in Guam, Japan, Korea, and Hawaii along with the western half of the US. Her husband, Brian Emme, is a commander at NAS Lemoore. In her current position as director with TEKsystems, her team has been responsible for hiring half of the 3200 veterans at TEKsystems in 2016. These efforts are separate from the countless veterans and spouses she has connected to employers as pro bono work and the careers she has helped start through her tireless mentorship and consortium efforts. You can reach her husband, Brian Emme, at brian.emme@navy.mil NAS Lemoore, Fresno California Sincerely, Mike Powers – OIF Veteran TEKsystems Veterans and Disabilities Program Lead mpowers@teksystems.com 502-499-4736 -- Mike Powers, Colleague